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WTF with ipad?? flounce off

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Admiraltea Tue 18-Nov-14 22:37:06

Lap top over heats and falls on my head when angling to get comfy in bed, android phone keeps flipping from landscape to portrait on slightest move and with dodgy eyesight only 8 words a screen.

OOH says I in going to I pad lets get a mini...

Can't post except for response to other poster, can't increase font size so completely unreadable, page goes to active convo's, home is active convo's, no way of changing it to a proper mumsnet home page so can't alter any settings..can't follow a hyperlink to any other topic area only the active discussion thread.

Fucked off royally ..bored stupid...and having to get head clunking laptop out to be bothered to be this fucked off.

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