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I'm not leaving, just name changing, can I still post here?

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HungryClocksGoBackFourSeconds Wed 01-May-13 23:09:08

ExH has been MN stalking me, he's commented on quite a few of my threads and often brings up things I've said on here when he drops DD off.
I know it's him because he posted a status on fb which was the same as a screen name I'd been noticing on a lot of my threads, I searched the name on here and it came up with a load of threads that were clearly him slagging me off.
I was hoping he'd get bored of it if I didn't rise to it, but it hasn't worked. I'm not prepared to have a valuable source of support taken away from me so I'm going to have to lose this name (Which I really like and people are beginning to remember).
I've had to name change and change my password before, after he logged into my MN to spy on me so I'm doubly pissed off I have to do it now.

FFS We are actually adults, though you might not believe it from reading this pathetic load of adolescent whinging.

ANYWAY the reason I'm posting about it is because I want to check that there's no way he can track down my new name? Does anyone know?

AvrilPoisson Wed 01-May-13 23:12:59

Report your post to HQ, and ask their advice... there are places you can post on here that aren't googleable, but if he's a MNer then not sure how youd avoid him going to them IYSWIM.

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 01-May-13 23:14:59

You can also have all of your posts removed - this has been done before for real life damage

HungryClocksGoBackFourSeconds Wed 01-May-13 23:51:23

thanks, I've reported it, will see what they suggest.

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