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New year's resolution

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5ofus Sun 01-Jan-12 08:58:47

Happy New Year HeidiKat.

Seems like a reasonable plan to me. One I should probably follow myself if I'm being honest. Good luck staying away. Life is about more than parenting so a little bit of MN me time needs to stay.

HeidiKat Sat 31-Dec-11 22:20:22

I have decided that as of tomorrow I am drastically cutting down on my MN usage. I seem to have become a little obsessed with checking MN on the mobile site since I got a smartphone and I feel that it is taking away from time that I could be spending interacting with my DD and DH so I am taking a break from it all. I am not deregging as I may pop back to ask advice about specific things occasionally (may be starting potty training this year for example) but I am keeping away from chat, aibu etc as I feel it is no longer healthy the amount of time I am spending on reading posts that really don't help my parenting abilities in any way. Hope 2012 is a good year for everyone, may see you around but not as much from now on.

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