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Cheerio Mumsnet, for now at least

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Pinot Sat 17-Dec-11 17:46:20


Get yer arse back 'ere!


ConstanceNoring Sat 17-Dec-11 00:12:26

Yeah, I know, don't let the door hit me on my fat arse.....

Yadda yadda...

ConstanceNoring Sat 17-Dec-11 00:10:17

I'll miss you too baby, your humour has helped me along on numerous occasions.

And thanks Mardy, I'm sure I would recognise you in a new name anyway from your very interesting thread topics grin

Still never mind, as someone said earlier, I'm no one of any importance anyway, so flounce I will, for no real reason.

BarfTheHeraldAngelsHeave Fri 16-Dec-11 21:23:19

Aww Constance. You're on my muck about with list and I will miss stalking catching up with you.

MardyStropAboutLikeButton Fri 16-Dec-11 16:40:10

I would post, constance, but I'm on strike.

StNicksNackered Fri 16-Dec-11 16:39:10

See ya! Merry Christmas!

ConstanceNoring Fri 16-Dec-11 16:38:16

I am suddenly worried that someone will 'like' my thread and I won't know whether to be offended or not grin

<okay I'm going>

ConstanceNoring Fri 16-Dec-11 16:34:59

I may have a look in sometime in the New Year, but for now I'm taking a break - maybe permanently if I don't like the look of things next year grin

Nothing in particular to report - just feeling a little bit flat about it all - haven't had a really good laugh at anything on here for a while, - no offence, probably just me.

So Merry Christmas to you all, and Ta-Rar !

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