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Well I'm off. Not flouncing as such just leaving for a while.

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DooinMeCleanin Fri 09-Dec-11 14:04:25

I didn't want you all worrying about me as I know most of you know I am not in a good place with my relationship atm so I am just wanted to say goodbye and let you all know I will be okay.

I started a thread last night. DH found it and read it and then posted on it under my username. He has done this before. I have repeatedly asked him not to read my online things and definately not to post under my username, but it would seem this is not going to happen.

On the thread he claims to have just 'happened' accross post as I left my browser open. This is not strictly true. He was not home last night. I went to the loo and when I came back he was on the PC and still needling for a fight, he'd a bit to drink so I thought it would best just to go to bed.

I wasn't on MN at the time I went to the loo. I was on FB chatting with my sister. No doubt he read that too angry. I had minimised my browser and he had no reason to open it. I have actually installed seperate browsers for us, to help him with 'accidentally' logging into my things instead of his own, as well as regularly changing passwords for things. He has deliberately gone behind my back and searched for 'threads I'm on'. I am really uncomfortable with anyone, not just him, having access to every single part of my life and all my thoughts, so with this in mind I think it would be best, for the time being, to step away from online things and try and find a different way to deal with things.

Some of you have me on FB (I have dd1 and my terrier as my profile) feel free to keep in touch that way, but I'd rather you didn't inbox me anything too personal. If he is still accessing and monitoring my MN use I am almost 100% certain he will be reading my inboxes too.

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for all the support. It's been fun at times. I'll especially miss the DH and all it's posters as I am sure you know.


herbietea Fri 09-Dec-11 14:10:36

Message withdrawn

RealiTreeCoveredInTinsel Fri 09-Dec-11 14:11:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChickensThinkYouCanGetStuffed Fri 09-Dec-11 14:14:05

I'll miss you Dooin. You gave me some much needed encouragement with Jasper. Oh, and Mr. Dooin (should you be SNOOPING) SHAME ON YOU angry

higgle Sat 10-Dec-11 12:20:16

I only know you re doggie things, hope all your problems are resolved soon.

ISawPINOTSnoggingSantaClaus Sun 11-Dec-11 09:45:16

Come back soon, Dooin. You're one of the good'uns <true>

startail Sun 11-Dec-11 11:15:32

Good luck, I always notice your username because "Ineverdomycleaning"!

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