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cant find the flouncers corner

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ditavonteesed Tue 08-Nov-11 14:52:10

so I'll do it here, this place has gone mad. you can keep your disposable animal sanitary world views.
MNHQ I think you have made some big mistakes in the last couple of days.
see ya
<dont worry I wont let the door hit me in the ass on the way out>

Thingumy Tue 08-Nov-11 14:59:22

See ya!

nenevomito Tue 08-Nov-11 15:01:37

??? What's a disposable animal sanitary world? I use Lillets.

reelingintheyears Tue 08-Nov-11 15:02:40


HopeEternal Tue 08-Nov-11 15:03:55

DooinMeCleanin Tue 08-Nov-11 15:06:20

You'll be missed Dita, although I think a fair few are planning on following you. Maybe this will be mouldies part two shock wink

thousandDenier Tue 08-Nov-11 15:07:18

I was also envisioning a spaniel sporting an Always Ultra confused

CeliaFate Tue 08-Nov-11 15:07:35

I don't get it. What's happened?

LemonMousse Tue 08-Nov-11 15:18:04

grin @ the spaniel!

GypsyMoth Tue 08-Nov-11 15:19:14

Yes, the fallout from this will mean some will inevitably follow.
Take care

bibbitybobbitybloodyaxe Tue 08-Nov-11 15:19:37

Really? People are really going to flounce because mnhq have banned someone??

Crikey! Too right, the place has gone mad.

SwearyMary Tue 08-Nov-11 15:21:17

Ta ra chuck, no worries about the door hitting you on the arse....just mind the trip wire the other side grin

MissPenteuth Tue 08-Nov-11 15:25:34

Weird. Wouldn't it be hard to leave a place that you're so invested in? I mean, if you care enough about MN that you'd flounce because of percieved mistreatment of one of its members, doesn't that make it hard to actually cut ties and go? Just musing.

Always sad when events make people feel the neat to cut and run though. Best of luck to you.

MissPenteuth Tue 08-Nov-11 15:26:07


MissPenteuth Tue 08-Nov-11 15:26:25

and need, not neat. Bugger.

skinnymuffin Tue 08-Nov-11 15:29:17

grin Babyheave

DooinMeCleanin Tue 08-Nov-11 15:31:37

I don't it's so much as people being being pissed off that a poster has been banned more that many of feel the ban in this instance was unfair.

KurriKurri Tue 08-Nov-11 15:33:28

Oh no - not another Moldies, - what would this splinter forum be called 'bite your hand off?' 'Come and have a go if you think your hard enough?' or maybe just 'doghouse 2'

MintAero Tue 08-Nov-11 15:33:32

someone pm me please and tell me who got banned. ta

I must've missed something.

MintAero Tue 08-Nov-11 15:39:17

is this to do with a long running and quite heated thread about somebody not being able to keep their rescue dog???? I was following it and cannot find it now.

YaMaYaMa Tue 08-Nov-11 15:41:16

Site stuff for the latest thread and AIBU for the initial one - thread about DogsBestFriend.

MintAero Tue 08-Nov-11 15:47:56


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