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Not properly flouncing, just 'on a break'

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GypsyMoth Thu 20-Oct-11 14:01:09

Bye! Take care

becstarsky Thu 20-Oct-11 13:56:30

I just need to post this to harden my resolve to take a break or I'll be sneaking back... None of you will remotely notice my absence, it's more me telling myself than telling you iykwim...

I've got a project due in December and I need to work flat out to get it done in time. I've just realised that if I use MN I'll slip even further off schedule. I have done NO work today! Nothing! I've eaten lunch, made coffee, answered a couple of phonecalls and e-mails and looked at MN. I wish I could just be the kind of sensible person who looks at MN on breaks, but I have crap self-control and very short workdays (school run). Also because I work at home alone I am so very tempted to stop and chat here. I've been in this situation before and taking a total break from MN for a few months did help me to get back on track. So I'm going cold turkey, until Christmas hols I think. (Nearly made a Christmas/turkey joke ... so unbelievably lame...)

It's only a short break and you won't notice I'm gone, but still I will miss you all. Thanks so much for all who have made me laugh and given me brilliant advice - see you again soon.

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