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Because it would be rude not to... saying "Cheerio" to MN :)

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notnowbernard Tue 16-Aug-11 21:59:08


Not for any negative reasons

Have just found myself gradually hiding, hiding and hiding more topics... I have virtually no MN left!

It's a fantastic site with some really rather marvellous posters. I have taken so much from it and will no doubt return to 'lurk' now and then when in need of advice

It is too much of a time-waster (in the nicest possible waywink) and I don't have the time anymore... 3DC, baby, back at work blah blah blah

Goodbye and Good Luck to All <blows kisses>

ChippingIn Tue 16-Aug-11 22:02:12

Oh that's a shame sad

Your user name always makes me smile smile You will be missed.

.... Good Luck out there - you know where we are when you decide real life just isn't all that grin

TheGoddessBlossom Tue 16-Aug-11 22:03:16

You think you need to be where other people are not? grin

dearprudence Tue 16-Aug-11 22:03:19

Boo sad

Pinner35 Tue 16-Aug-11 22:05:31

Your nn is my favourite.....always make me smile when I see it.

Best of luck.

rushofbloodtothefeet Tue 16-Aug-11 22:08:33

It will suck you back grin

MN is a black hole!

TheyCallMeKipper Tue 16-Aug-11 22:12:37

Oh what a shame - I liked your posts. Have name changed recently but you might not have recognised my former incarnation anyway, but even so - bye and good luck. Don't de-reg your name either in case you do want to come back - it's fab!

mumatron Tue 16-Aug-11 22:18:15

I'm starting to feel like this too sad

I rarely venture past chat or s&b these days. Even the most innocuous threads turn out to be trolls or bun fights.

All the best Bernard. Hopefully things will umprove and you'll come back.

Lulumama Sun 11-Sep-11 19:19:47

ah, only just seen this, you take care if uou are still lurking xx

Mouseface Sun 11-Sep-11 19:44:42

Oh no, I'll miss you! Your name always brings a smile to my face. Take care xx

GothAnneGeddes Tue 13-Sep-11 05:21:49

Another one who loved your user name. All the best xxxxx

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