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Goodbye,Thank You and Happy Christmas.

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piscesmoon Fri 03-Dec-10 14:12:56

It isn't a flounce, it just seems the best place to put it.
I have enjoyed MN but it is just too addictive-where else can you give complete strangers your candid opinion?!
I have been housebound lately, in a caring role, and spent too much time on here. Freedom now beckons, and RL, and the only way to stop is to announce it, so I don't get tempted and drawn in again.
I shall miss all those common sense people too numerous to mention, (but the ones I generally agree with!)-and the rest -'the most astonishing MN opinions', started by Pagwatch, has shown the sheer joy of MN! However, the fact that I remember nearly all the bizarre opinions tells me I have been wasting far to much time!
I hope that I have shown that parenthood is about letting go gradually,and made people think, if nothing else.
Happy Christmas!

scurryfunge Fri 03-Dec-10 14:17:06

Good luck, Merry Christmas and remember real life is probably just an illusion grin.

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