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Want to flounce can't find the section where I can get help.....

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merrywidow Sat 16-Oct-10 08:35:08

I have a business to run ( three actually )

Two DCs to --impose my will upon-- bring up

A cat to feed

A RL to attend to

And I find myself here ALL THE TIME

merrywidow Sat 16-Oct-10 08:36:12

And why can't I get the crossing out thingy to work? It happens every time

Goblinchild Sat 16-Oct-10 08:37:50

I think you have to do each word individually?

merrywidow Sat 16-Oct-10 08:39:35


merrywidow Sat 16-Oct-10 08:40:22

every other word, getting there

TrinityRhino Sat 16-Oct-10 08:43:43

lol @ 'every other word, getting there'

that is funny

merrywidow Sat 16-Oct-10 08:48:57


merrywidow Sat 16-Oct-10 08:49:13


merrywidow Sat 16-Oct-10 08:50:15

I thank you Goblinchild

sensiblesusannigella Wed 10-Nov-10 22:25:29

and hold your hand

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