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They havent named me once on Fav MNetter so im going!!

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lisad123isgoingcrazy Fri 13-Aug-10 11:30:56

Feel like Im back at school when there was the "incrowd" and if you werent part of that lot you were a nobody looser

StealthPolarBear Fri 13-Aug-10 11:32:07

who are you again??

StealthPolarBear Fri 13-Aug-10 11:33:05

BTW I looked at those clothes you linked to and do want a couple of things but have been too lazy to find the thread again. Do you still hvae most of the stuf I will CAT you this weekend if that's OK?

lisad123isgoingcrazy Fri 13-Aug-10 11:34:12

some has gone, will update list after weekend away grin blush

StealthPolarBear Fri 13-Aug-10 11:35:35

ooh are you going anywhere nice?
Will try to find the bits I wanted again and let you know, if it has gone then that'll teach me to procrastinate Am doing winter wardrobe shops for DS and DD.

QueenofDreams Fri 13-Aug-10 11:36:11

I very much doubt I'm on that list either, but there's no point ME flouncing as no one knows who I am! <<weep>>

lisad123isgoingcrazy Fri 13-Aug-10 11:37:32

just to a hotel for our anniversary, first night alone in 7 years without the need to wake up for the kids. Just hope his feeling well enough wink

StealthPolarBear Fri 13-Aug-10 11:42:22

will keep my fingers crossed that he is and you both enjoy it

sensiblesusannigella Wed 10-Nov-10 22:28:33

whats going on

QueenGigantaurofMnet Wed 10-Nov-10 22:33:18

erm, you're rehashing an old thread. thats all i can see happening

collision Wed 10-Nov-10 22:34:25

I love you Lisa!

sensiblesusannigella Thu 11-Nov-10 10:59:24

whos lisa?

collision Thu 11-Nov-10 20:55:45

The OP!!!!!

TrillianAstra Thu 11-Nov-10 20:56:45

Has anyone said "off you fuck" yet? grin

sensiblesusannigella Thu 11-Nov-10 22:21:53

alright, alright collision, keep your hair on

2shoes Thu 11-Nov-10 22:24:54

don't you dare go anywhere

sensiblesusannigella Fri 12-Nov-10 14:05:38

Are you addressing me Trillion and are you addressing me 2shoes. Mumsnet is confusing

collision Fri 12-Nov-10 20:00:32

Blimey SensibleSusan - dont be so sensible!

Maybe I should have put a grin on the end as I was just exclaiming.

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