Part-time Remote Operations Role at a fast-growing startup

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ADV: Callum from Thu 23-Sep-21 09:57:31

Job Operations Specialist at
London Living Wage (£10.85/h), part time contract (incl. holiday entitlement)

About Otta

We’re Otta, the better way to find a job in tech. Our vision is to become the world’s career champion; providing the tools and support to empower ambitious people to find fulfilment in what they do. Today we’re building a job search experience that brings out the best in people. In future we’ll help people throughout their career, even when they’re not looking, or if they’re considering moving into tech. See the platform for yourself at

Otta is currently available in London and eight cities across the US. We’re scaling up our operations at a rapid pace, and are looking for founding members of our Job Operations team to help us get there.

What the job involves

- You’ll be joining our new remote Job Operations team, who are in charge of ensuring we always have the best roles available for candidates on the platform
- We’re growing fast as we scale up our operations in the UK and USA. This means priorities will change and you should be comfortable with this, though there are core responsibilities in your role that will keep you busy:
On a day to day basis, you’ll be responsible for setting up and tagging job posts on the platform. We manually curate and format every job on Otta, and you’ll quickly become an expert at different job functions and their requirements. This involves reading and interpreting job descriptions, and then inserting this information into our custom platform
- From time to time, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on other projects that help to deliver value to candidates (like helping us to source salary benchmarks or update our company profiles)
- We’ll provide you with training and support throughout to ensure you’re set up for success


- You’re able to commit to at least 16 hours per week with us (Monday to Saturday), as this will help you hit the ground running and be most effective in this role. You can take on additional shifts if you like, and we’re flexible with working hours, so you could do this over two days, or four - whatever works best!
- We’re open to background for this role. We think it could be an excellent position for someone who is currently studying, re-entering the workforce or looking for a part-time position alongside a personal project
- You’ve got a great eye for detail, and are organised and diligent in your daily work
- You get a kick out of hitting or exceeding targets, and supporting others to do the same
- You’re quick to learn new and unfamiliar things, whether that’s about new processes and systems, or about the nuances of job roles at different companies
- You’re a team player, skilled at communicating with others and ensuring everyone is on the same page
- You’re comfortable with uncertainty, and enjoy being a part of change
- The qualifications and experiences above act as a loose guide to what we’re looking for. We’d still love to hear from you if you have more or less experience, so long as the core skills can be demonstrated

Application process

- Apply by emailing with your CV and an answer to the question: “Why do you want to work at Otta?”
- Intro call with Callum, in our Special Projects team (15 minutes)
- Complete a quick task where we’ll get a feel for how you work (30 minutes)
- Values interview (30 minutes)
- Offer

The start date for this role is 25th October 2021

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