Fancy working part-time for a creative design consultancy making appointments?

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ADV: Grahame Wed 18-Aug-21 14:51:42

We're a small, friendly branding & design consultancy. We need your help! Our creative solutions are great. Trouble is. We need more clients. That's where you come in. Working from our database, using our sales materials, we'd like to find someone good on the phone and in writing. Persuasive, charming, confident, persistent, you'd be our 'door-opener'. Great if you have had relevant sales experience; but not a deal breaker if you haven't. The task is sourcing meetings and opportunities for our director to try and close! The role is flexible around you. We're looking for someone who can give us 7 hrs per week (might be more!). Can be split in-and-around your commitments and working from your home. We'll give you training. We'll give you materials. We'll give you a script and access to our database. All you need to bring is yourself! We pay £25 per hour. Immediate start. Take a look at the quality of our work. Not too shabby? Can you please help us!

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Laburnam Tue 14-Sep-21 23:15:25

Please can you dm some more information and if interested what is the recruitment process?

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