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About The Grocer
The Grocer is a magazine devoted to grocery sales, published by William Reed Business Media, providing market leading business information.

G33 - Mystery Shopping
The Grocer conducts a weekly survey of price, service and availability at the UK’s leading supermarkets. We do so with the help of our mystery shoppers (i.e. you). The information you would provide is hugely important and the feedback you provide is used to determine each week’s winner. The retailers take this competition seriously and at the end of the year we also give out a number of awards based on this information.

Following a very successful respond from previous Mumsnet’s add, The Grocer is yet again looking to extend its current database of mystery shoppers in order to target different parts of the UK and spread geographically. Our main aim is to reach the following areas in particular (although the rest of the counties will be also taken into account:

•Devon & Cornwall
•South & North Wales, Gwent and Dyfed-Powys
•North & West Yorkshire
•Northern Ireland

Your role:
Your role is to provide us with accurate and detailed information.
You also need to be prepared and organised. Some of the metrics we ask you to calculate mean that you need to pay attention before you’ve even entered the store.
While there are lots of boxes to tick, and statistics to provide, we also need lots of feedback. Based on the experiences of our mystery shoppers an article is produced which is published in that week’s issue of The Grocer.

You will report through completion of an online report/questionnaire.

We will reimburse the exact cost of your shopping (a pre-determined shopping list of 33 products will be provided). The list is a nice variation of different products (vegetables, fruits, bakery, dairy, meat, household, health & beauty, snacks etc)

Payments are calculated twice a month, so it can take around 3-4 weeks from the time you do the shop to when the payment reaches your account.

Selection of the mystery shopper
A general e-mail is sent on a monthly basis releasing new dates with scheduled stoppings. You can confirm your availability by returning an e-mail. Once you have been selected you will be contacted with further details and instructions. Please note the stores are allocated to you based on the distance and you will not be asked to travel more than 10-15 miles.

You can stop being a mystery shopper at any point if you decide you no longer want to be one. We also reserve the right to stop using you as a mystery shopper at any point should you or the feedback, we get from you proves unreliable.

If you would like to join our army of mystery shoppers please simply e-mail me on and include your full postal address and your telephone number and I will send further information.

Kind regards,
Anna Lunn
PA to Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Assistant

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gardeninggirl68 Thu 05-Aug-21 15:54:25

so theres no actual payment? and no mention of fuel reimbursement?

Ispini Mon 06-Sep-21 05:36:37

Do you need someone to edit your advertisements?

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Mon 06-Sep-21 13:58:58

No payment but presumably you keep the items you buy and get reimbursed for them?

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