Data protection & compliance officer: part time (2 days pw, flexible, remote)

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ADV: Simon Andrews Sun 06-Jun-21 13:19:04

Overall purpose of job

We’re looking for an experienced professional to lead our compliance and data protection efforts as we revamp our business model and move to an exciting new phase.

As a small company with an international presence you’ll make a big difference as you work with teams across the business to build our compliance and data protection framework.

If you are passionate about data protection and compliance we’d love to hear from you.

Principle responsibilities

Implement a framework for compliance with GDPR and any other applicable legislation and regulations
Build a culture of data and compliance responsibility at Studee so everyone is aware of their part
Support the business to deliver regulatory compliance and data protection by design and default
Monitor our compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations, including through audits
Ensure all data and compliance risks are adequately controlled
Research data protection and compliance requirements in countries we’re considering expanding into
Identify our data processing activities, evaluate them and ensure Records of Processing Activity are documented
Monitor changes in data protection law and other relevant legislation and regulation and update the company accordingly
Upgrade data protection policies and processes to ensure compliance as needed
Advise on, monitor, and manage Data Protection Impact Assessments
Ensure our Subject Access Request process is robust and handles requests from those whose data we process (employees, customers etc) within the required timeframes
Own our data protection breach process and be the ICO’s first point of contact
Liaise with supervisory authorities as needed
Support the team and business partners with data protection and compliance insights and training
Liaise with other organisations who do or may process data on our behalf
Work with the Product team to ensure PCI DSS compliance
Own assessments, monitoring and evaluations relation to PCI DSS compliance
Liaise with partners who process card data on our behalf to ensure compliance
Facilitate our Safeguarding policy and related processes
Work with the Information Security Officer to ensure our processes, policies and systems are adequate
Support the team with complex complaints
Facilitate the company’s risk log and approach to risk management
Complete an annual review of our data protection and compliance monitoring framework and its impact on the business

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user4620 Sun 06-Jun-21 13:27:01

This role has the opportunity to be remote 2 days per week
£40,000 to £60,000 pro rata
Office is based in Cirencester
Please send you CV to

More about the company can be found here

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