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The Committee Office is one of the largest House of Lords offices, supporting around 20 select committees at a time, spanning a wide range of subjects. Its work ranges from year-long inquiries on cross-cutting subjects to technical, but no less important, shorter inquiries on legislation, including on draft bills. Some of the work is carried out jointly with the House of Commons.

The Committee Office has a strong track record of innovation. The work typically involves members of the public (as witnesses) as well as members of the House, and new ways are being sought of engaging with the public and presenting the results of committee work in more readily accessible ways. Following a major review of committees by the Liaison Committee and the end the post-Brexit transition period, a major restructuring of Lords committees is being implemented, and several new committees were appointed on 14 April 2021. The work of Lords committees is set to remain exceptionally interesting and high-profile.

Staff serving Lords select committees provide high-quality and impartial advice and support to enable committees to carry out their functions, contributing to the development of public policy. Committee members can be highly experienced and distinguished in their fields, making for a challenging but motivating experience in advising and supporting them.

The successful candidates may be required to support any committee (including any newly created ones), and may be required to work across committee teams. Depending on the demands on the office as a whole, clerks can move between committees, meaning the post-holder may have to become familiar with a new area of policy quickly.

The Role

The clerk of a committee takes overall responsibility for the delivery of effective support and advice to that committee.

The Person

The successful candidate will have the following skills/experience:

Drafting skills : The ability to draft briefing material and select committee reports clearly, concisely and to a high standard; the ability to produce drafts with minimal supervision and which need little or no editing.

Intellectual qualities : A broad understanding of Parliament and of current challenges facing the House of Lords (for example, Brexit, Lords reform, restoration, and renewal of the Palace of Westminster). Sound judgement and sensitivity to political issues. A record of learning and using new skills, and the ability to adapt quickly to new topics or unfamiliar areas of work.

Authority and influencing skills : Strong oral communication skills, including the ability to influence and persuade individual members or a committee.

More information can be found in the job description.


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