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Tropical Fish

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vodkaandcoke Tue 26-May-09 13:40:55

Is anybody an expert with tropical fish?? I bought yesterday 2 green scats and a lobster but reading up on this on the internet they cant be kept together as the scats need salt water and the lobster wants fresh water. They were together in the shop and they said they would be fine but I'm worried!!

sweetnitanitro Tue 26-May-09 14:40:03

Lobsters shouldn't really be kept with fish anyway apart from in massive display tanks- they will eat the fish if they can get hold of them and will make a mess of their fins. What sort of lobster is it?

Scats get MASSIVE, how big is your tank? They do OK in brackish water when they are younger but fully grown ones will need salt water.

Don't ever listen to shop staff, some of them really know their stuff but legally they don't need any training at all so you can't really trust them. Always do your own research.

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