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New tank advice

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Sleepinglemon Thu 07-Nov-19 22:18:52

I'd like to get DS a small fish tank for Christmas. I'd really appreciate a recommendation for a small tank with filter and what kind/how many fish we should keep in it? I was thinking Tetra? And what kind of maintenance will be required?

bunnygeek Wed 13-Nov-19 16:37:38

There is the misconception that a small tank would be great for beginners, but actually the smaller the volume, the trickier it is to keep healthy!

Do lots of reading on proper fish care. A good starter size is actually 60-100 litres. Most kids tanks or small tanks are under 30 litres. For a school of Neon Tetras you really need at least 60 litres to give them the swimming space they really require.

It can also take a month or two for the bacterial colony in the filter media to establish to properly support fish. Keeping fish isn't about keeping fish, it's about keeping water. Keep the water healthy and the fish will thrive!

Read up on the Nitrogen Cycle, fishless cycling and new tank syndrome.

Properly done and DS will love it! But rush it and you'll be explaining the big pond in the sky to DS sooner than you would want to!

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