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Saving sons tank.

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sugarplumfairy28 Tue 02-Jul-19 15:26:56

Sorry for being longwinded. When our DS was 3 weeks old, and would not settle we found the colours of the fish at the pet shop calmed him, so we got 3 goldfish. I have increased the size of the tank over time, we moved house and emigrated and brought the fish, all over a 10 year period. We lost one goldfish through emigrating, so was down to 2. Then a couple of years ago we lost another at 8 years old. We were left with one in a 120 litre tank, and managed to find a single goldfish to add so it wasn't lonely.

Last week we lost the last one of the original 3 at 10 years old. My son is absolutely heartbroken! For background there is a lot going on right now with our special needs daughter and our son's fishtank is really his only 'own thing' and I really want to add to the tank rather than making him give up the newer fish.

The tank is 120 litres, has a good filter and pump and temp is set to 22 degrees, I'd rather not add another goldfish (I appreciate they are meant to be in a pond) is there anything I can add to the tank to keep the fish company?

Fucksandflowers Sat 06-Jul-19 14:01:33

(I appreciate they are meant to be in a pond)

I don't think you do really.

To die at 8 and 10 they were most likely suffering from problems related to stunting.
Goldfish have a lifespan of around 40 years.

They are not aquarium fish.
Not only does trying to keep them in an aquarium require an enormous tank they actually require double filtration as well so for example if the tank was 300 litres, you'd need a filter rated for 600 litres as they produce such amounts of waste.

They are 'proper' large pond fish.

Get your DS a Betta instead.

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