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For those of you who have simple..ish fish?!

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user102938 Thu 31-May-18 08:56:18

As the title says do you regret it? A lot of us who get pets find they are a chore in ways and I don't think fish are any easier but wanted others opinions.

Been wanting a simple set up for a while, have friends who have done the whole expensive tropical side of it and regret it for many reasons.

I'd like a cold water tank with filter with a handful of the same type of fish.

Do you find it easier than expected with changing water and cost etc?

Karmin Sun 03-Jun-18 09:15:29

The only real difference between coldwater and tropical is the heater.

They both require substrate, filter and light. They both need regular water changes and an understanding of the nitrite cycle.

But its not difficult, I have two tanks, both much larger than needed (the smaller the tank the harder it is to maintain by the way) With my planted one it is a little more complicated as I have chosen to add a CO2 setup for real plants. The other tank is my partners it has around 20 fish in silk plants, gravel substrate and all that needs doing is a weekly water change of around 20% and feeding them.

The only setup I would stay away from due to complicatedness is a marine set-up because then you are looking at making sure the gravity is correct, and more technical needs

ChiefClerkDrumknott Wed 06-Jun-18 16:10:40

I have a fairly simple set up with White & Gold Cloud Minnows and I love it. Just a filter, some live plants (not planted, just Java tied to wood and rocks), substrate, a moss ball, a hiding place and a light. It's a small shoal of a mix of the two colours and a snail for cleaning up algae. They're so much fun to watch and even my non-fishy OH likes watching them - he noticed two of the males having a bit of a 'flare' competition the other day and was fascinated. Once it was set up it's easy to look after, just water changes and feeding. I have 3 different types of food for variety and sometimes give them some peas, which is a treat for them and fun for me to watch as they go absolutely bonkers over them

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