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Japanese fighting fish/Betta's

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Soubriquet Wed 10-Jan-18 15:00:53

Has anyone got one that they wouldn't mind sharing the set ups for?

I'm planning on getting my dh one of these but there is so much conflicting info on size of tank etc etc.
I know they need a very low current, tropical water, must be kept singularly but can be kept with other non-fin nipping fish if tank is big enough.

I don't like these tanks that are marketed as betta tanks. They look way too small to me.

bunnygeek Thu 11-Jan-18 15:24:40

Siamese not Japanese ;) pet peeve haha! They originate from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, old Siam, not Japan.

Anyway, I would always keep mine in 25-30 litres if they were alone or with small invertebrates. Also had a 60 litre for one for a while as well, but larger tanks can mean stronger currents, so look at the outlet of filters carefully. Avoid Orb tanks at all costs, you need a good surface area for them. AND a good lid, nothing opened topped, I had to peel one off a wall and plop him back in the tank one time after I heard him splash and find his way out of a small hole in the back of the tank1

You can also keep either a group of at least 5 females in a minimum of a 60 litre, or keep a single short tailed male in a tank with "normal" filter currents. It's just the fancy long finned ones that get dragged about with currents - they are also more prone to bacterial infections if their tails get caught and I had a couple of ended up self-harming and biting chunks out of their tails with frustration!

Karmin Sun 18-Feb-18 03:33:01

I have one Betta (Male) 2 African Dwarf Frogs and a Bristlenose Plec in a 60L planted tank, soft flow filter, ph is on average around 7.0 water temp 26-28C Chunk of bogwood, Jave Fern Coconut, some anubis and other floating plants.

Nitrate/Nitrite etc all remain stable, 20% water change once per week, I use Indian Almond leaves which turns the water slightly brown but releases tannins to keep the fish happier and reduce my Hardness levels as I live in a very hard water area.

I got the frogs and plec then introduced the betta which worked well as the make frog had already established his territory. Once the plec gets to full size he will be moved to our larger tank which is 200l and we will get a new juvenile.

Not personally had any issue with the filter as I use a spray bar set up to soften the current and it is very gentle while still providing adequate filtration.

Karmin Sun 18-Feb-18 03:36:10

Do be aware you can't get a tank and fish in one go though! It takes a couple of weeks to get the ecosystem building and stable.

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