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New Biorb 30 help

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bobofthelobs Sat 27-May-17 16:57:15

I am looking for some advice after I left the fish shop feeling awful. We have a new Biorb 30 tank (I now realise these aren't very well respected sadly). We set it up and then added 6 cardinal tetras after two weeks. We then had the water tested after a further 2 weeks and the shop said it wasn't ready for anymore fish and to add Bio-Boost every day for another 2 weeks and test again. Went back today and the guy was incredibly rude and said the levels (nitrate) was dangerous and the fish would all die and what on earth was I doing?! At this point my son was in tears that all his fish were going to die. What am I doing wrong? Feel like a total failure. I have been feeding them a small pinch of flake food every morning that all gets eaten and then doing a 10% water change once a week adding the water conditioner and bio boost. Also wipe round the inside with a cloth pad to remove any algae. Any help would be really appreciated. We are now going to do a daily 10% water change for the next 7 days. Feel awful after the guy in the shop was shouting at me that it's not hard and that I clearly hadn't followed instructions - I really have.

secretnutter Sat 27-May-17 17:56:50

I would get yourself a chemical testing kit, so you can monitor the water yourself, do daily water changes and see how it goes, if your fish look & are acting pretty normal fingers crossed they'll be ok. You shouldn't add any more fish to that size tank, consider selling & upgrading to a larger tank if you fancy more fish in the long run, alternatively maybe regime your tetras and get a single male betta?! Good luck 🐠

bobofthelobs Sun 28-May-17 06:42:31

Thanks for your help. Will carry on with the water changes and see how we get on.

fairiedemon Sun 28-May-17 06:49:31

Sounds to me like you may be over feeding too. How quickly is the food getting eaten? (2mins/5mins/10mins?)

bobofthelobs Tue 30-May-17 06:47:00

I think you are right, I might be over feeding. I have reduced the amount the last couple of days so I am hoping that will help together with with a 10% daily water change.

ihatetosay Wed 31-May-17 21:00:53

also get a different tank they are awful better to have one with bigger surface area. there are plenty on ebay second hand going cheap

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