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Fishless cycle question

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longdays Sun 18-Dec-16 11:09:28

Hi, I've been cycling my 50l tank using fish food as an ammonia source for a week now. I've just tested the water with my API liquid kit.
The results are
pH 8.0 (I asked my local Maidenhead aquatics store about this and they said there ph is the same)

Ammonia 0.25ppm

Nitrite 5.0ppm

Nitrate 80ppm

Does this sound right? I'm not in any rush, but I didn't think I'd see a nitrate spike until the nitrites had dropped. Have I overdone the fish food and rushed the process?

blankpixle01 Sat 24-Dec-16 00:58:07

I'd say that sounds about right, it can take up to 3wks to fully cycle a new tank. Keep going with the food and stuff and hopefully you'll see it settle down.

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