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White moving spots on tank glass looks like fleas

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sparklyraindeers Tue 29-Nov-16 22:34:33

Can anyone help me ID what these little critters were.

Have a tropical set up 40L with 8 neon tetra, I water change 1/3rd each week and gravel clean every 3rd. The alge build up had got really bad.

Noticed 100s of white tiny moving dots all over the glass that looked like fleas.

I was concerned for the fish so relocated them to the 200L tank. Have been considering moving them for a while and getting rid of the 2nd tank altogether.

I have removed as much water as I could and unplugged the tank. Without the light on they appear to be brown moving spots. After returning back to have a look a few hours later there seems to be even more of the little critters so I have poured bleach in the tank and it seems to be killing it off. I may take the tank to the tip now as it was so vile.

Does anyone know what these things were and how to avoid getting them again? We have had fish for two years now and not had anything like it before.

The tank is non planted by the way

ihatetosay Sun 11-Dec-16 05:53:14

they didnt have babies did they

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