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Mysterious Martian

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StaffyMum Wed 16-Nov-16 14:07:23

I am presented with a bit of a mystery. I have a martian in my pond. The mysterious arrival was discovered by chance a few weeks ago in the upper pond and we are, quite frankly, baffled. To explain: We have a fishpond that is divided into an upper section and a lower section. In the upper section we have reeds, plants and frogs. In the lower section we have 9 red/white goldfish. A few weeks ago a member of our family said they had seen a goldfish in the upper pond. Impossible, we all cried! And rushed outside. Sure enough there were our 9 red/white goldfish in the lower pond and no goldfish in the upper pond. We accused the family member of pulling our legs or mistaking a leaf for a fish. Cue jokes about eyesight and failing mental health. Still she insisted that she had seen a fish. So we checked again, and there it was.

Yes, it was a goldfish! Orange and black where our ones were red and white, and somewhat larger than ours. Where did our mysterious arrival, quickly named Martian, come from? Please, if anyone has any information that can answer the question, we would love to know.

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