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Can a betta mix with shrimp

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honeyblossom2 Tue 25-Oct-16 22:42:01

Looking for some advice on what to do.

My DC has a fishtank in bedroom and it's 25L with a fluval mini filter had the tank for about a year now and started off with a few animo (so??) shrimp and 2 hill stream loaches. 1 died the first night and the second after 6 months along with 2 shrimps.

We turned the tank tropical and currently have 3 guppies and the last remaining shrimp. The tank gets absolutely filthy in a week. Have tried reducing the light on time and reducing feeding but it's really bad. We have looked into bigger better filters but feel the tank is just not big enough and we don't want to upgrade the tank.

We have a large under stocked aqurium downstairs with guppies , corys and plecos.

If we moved the guppies out and replaced them with a single betta would this reduce the bio load? Would a betta mix with the shrimp? He has a hiding hole that only he can fit in.

The filter is working but after we went on holiday the tank was so bad I had to do a 150% water change. They weren't over fed as I put food out for each feed so I knew they were only getting small quantities.

What are my options here? Or is there anything else that can mix with shrimp.

I can move the guppies to the larger tank but I've tried the shrimp in it in the past and he just hid and it was a nightmare to find him when cleaning it out so whatever the options are he needs to stay put in that tank.

froglou Wed 26-Oct-16 11:15:30

Assuming you mean amano shrimp the smaller kind of clear ones as apposed to wood shrimp? smile
There is a chance your fighter will eat them as some people do use shrimp to live feed betta. I know of cases where they live together ok and I know of cases where they've been ripped apart, it's dependent on the temperament of the betta.
They also need quite a gentle filter flow so you'll need to check the filter you have doesn't exceed 25l and potentially put a buffer on the outlet.

honeyblossom2 Wed 26-Oct-16 11:33:45

That's the shrimp yes. Filter is pretty gentle and doesn't have a spray bar only just aggravates the surface.

The shrimp is pretty big now as its shed its skin twice. He normally hides out the way on the filter suction cap or on his hiding hole.

After a google I've found a independent tropical fish shop that has the most amazing stock so we will take a trip out and consider our options. We were happy with guppies as if it didn't work out we have a new home waiting for them, but with the betta it will have to be a permanent home so will do lots of research before we commit.

user1474539059 Thu 27-Oct-16 10:34:55

There is so much about your message I do not understand. A 150% water change? If the tank was so filthy are you sure the tank is cycled and the filter is really working? Does the tank get light from a window? etc etc. Sorry but you need to sort that out before you start thinking about alternative fish. Have you tested your water? Do you know your parameters. Your latest message says you are going to a fish shop - great - test your water and bring those results as well as a quick note about your maintenance routine and temperature fluctuations. That will help the shop tell you what is possible to keep well.

As the other poster said - it all depends on the temperament of the fish. If your betta is young and the shrimp is large and has places to hide it will probably be fine. Make sure any betta's home has lots of stimulation - places to hide, rocks/ plants to look at etc. That will stop it potentially finding fun in playing with the shrimp. Betta are larger than guppies and often messier so its debatable if it would reduce the bio-load. However 25L is way too small for a betta. I am not surprised the loaches died as they need a large, well established, fast flowing tank. No fish should die on the first night, are you sure the tank is cycled?

Your DC needs to get a bigger tank or stick to shrimp. At a push maybe, maybe, have Endlers Livebearers, but 25L is incredibly difficult to keep. Its great that your DC knows enough to feed less and look at the lighting but it sounds as if he is just not experienced enough to keep such a nano tank well. For the good of your fish - get a bigger tank!

honeyblossom2 Thu 27-Oct-16 15:41:41

Tank parameters are fine 0ppm on all tests bar nitrate and that's 20PPM.

Tank fully cycled, was before adding anything as its our second tank.

The room the fish is in is quite bright but the tank is not in direct sunlight. Light doesn't go on now until 3pm and goes off at 10pm and we have dropped the blackout blind to half, cut feeding drastically and it's not made a blind bit of difference.

The filter is picking up and blowing out, a friend is going to give us another filter to double the filtration too see if this makes a difference.

We have looked into bigger tanks but we are unsure wether the cabinet will hold the weight as ideally we would like to double the size of it. But I just don't think the unit will hold the weight tbh as its on a ikea bookcase ATM.

user1474539059 Thu 27-Oct-16 16:11:23

Okay, yes - be safe with Ikea furniture.

Try looking for second hand deals on eBay? Usually you can get some great stuff with proper cabinets. I really recommend searching for the Aqua One 55L/130L.

When you say it was fully cycled from the start do you mean because you used water from your first tank? Or filter media too? And if filter media - how many different kinds of media does the tank have? If you are doing complete water changes you might disrupt the filter bacteria and seriously deplete it. Or might your DC have inadvertently washed the filter bacteria in tap water?

What does the tank water look like when its filthy btw? Green, yellow, brown?

Shrimps are also more likely to be on show if they are in a small group but they can be territorial so do need different hiding spaces.

user1474539059 Thu 27-Oct-16 16:18:26

For example:

froglou Thu 27-Oct-16 18:13:08

If you're adding another filter you won't be able to keep a betta in there the flow will be way too strong.
Are you fully cleaning your filter out? You should rinse the pads out with your weekly water change and change the pads and fully clean the impeller every month as minimum

honeyblossom2 Thu 27-Oct-16 18:42:33

Filter media gets squeezed in tank water. I clean and feed as its a tall until DC can't reach the lid.

Tank water and media came out of our aquarium it's only a fluval mini and the other tank is a 406 on a 200L so I put the new filter pad in the 406 and put a old one in the mini along with tank water.

The tank is green with algae. And the water when hoovered is dirty brown muck coming out. I'm due a water change tomorrow so will try and upload a pic of how bad it is.

For now we may just try a 2nd filter but the way things are going I'm temped to just go with shrimp. The small size is a nightmare to keep ontop of.

user1474539059 Wed 02-Nov-16 10:13:27

Was looking forward to a photo. How is it looking today? Hope its getting better.

Bobits Sat 05-Nov-16 22:39:13

Hi honeyblossom, I run a few planted fish tanks & usually algae & detritus build up (brown muck) can be helped greatly with increasing maintenance for a while - I usually do 50% weekly but in a crisis doing this daily & removing algae manually is helpful. Using an algae magnet for the glass is handy for a deep tank & a toothbrush for any algae on rock/wood in the tank :-)

Small tanks are more challenging as there is less water to dilute any fish or shrimp waste, however not impossible, I've a Fluval Spec V (19l) & it's definately my favourite tank!

froglou Sun 06-Nov-16 08:23:33

Bobit you only need to do a 25% weekly water change, you only need to do a 50% if there was a fungal or bacterial problem with the tank like severe fin rot ect, changing too much water or doing changed too often is detrimental to the tank as you're taking out too much of the bacteria in the water and the bacteria is what breaks down the ammonia.

Bobits Tue 08-Nov-16 23:19:45

Hi froglou, I appreciate many hobbyists recommend and do a 25 - 30% water change but folks at the planted tank end usually do 50% changes as standard. Provided the temperature is the same & you use a suitable water conditioner, a 50% change has no ill effects on the beneficial bacteria in a cycling system :-) Certainly, if there is a failure in the system where the filter doesn't seem to be coping with the bioload the ammonia and organics produced can only be removed by incresed water changes - thats why I suggested increasing maintenance for a while :-)

SistersOfPercy Wed 09-Nov-16 17:11:11

Both DD and I keep Bettas.
DD's is very laid back and lives happily with half a dozen shrimp. Mine is a bit more feisty and did live with two (note the word did)

We both do a 25% water change weekly on our tanks. Mine is in a 30L biorb now and he actually loves the flow from the bubbles, he plays in it. As has been said they do generally prefer still waters though.

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