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During holudays

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Chocfish72 Mon 10-Oct-16 15:13:31

DH and I are researching getting a tank and some fish, mostly for DS2 who has been asking for ages. The biggest problem we have is that we usually go away for two months over the summer. We are based in a house, not moving around, so it might be possible to take the fish with us? Is that at all possible? If we had a second 'holiday tank' set up? And if we don't, are there any species / set-ups that cope better with an extended period of minimal care - like someone coming in every couple of weeks? All advice welcome, we need to know if there are options before we go any further. TIA.

froglou Tue 11-Oct-16 20:38:53

Longest you can leave a fish is about 2 weeks (wth a holiday feeder) because that's how often you should change your water, you can by automatic feeders (machines that sit on top of the tank) but you'd need someone to do a water change for you. (Assuming this was fish in a tank, if it's a pond you just need someone to feed them every couple of days)

If you're getting a second tank and setting it up at your holiday house that could work of both tanks are constantly set up and running (i.e. Filter plugged in) but transporting fish for anything more than a 45minute-1 hour drive is going to be really stressful for them and could kill them if they're not bagged properly. If you do, stick to temperate fish that won't be affected by changes in temperature (platys are a brilliant example).
A hamster would actually be easier because you could just move the cage without worrying about water conditions and air supply while transporting!

froglou Tue 11-Oct-16 20:41:29

It's really important water changes are done every 2 weeks if not the ammonia levels in the tank can make the fish sick and potentially kill them.

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