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Best Betta tank

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baddyface Tue 04-Oct-16 16:42:29


I am looking at getting a Betta. I already have a 90l tank but it's been going a few years and we only have a few fish left. Once they die we won't have room for the 90l tank.

So I thought I could get a smaller tank and a Betta.

I read around 45l tanks are ok for Bettas. So does 'ok' mean 'good' for Bettas our would it be unhappy?

Would the filter that size tank comes with be fine or could I upgrade to the current one I have that's in the 90l one eventually as I like that one and I know I can have it on a gentle flow so the Betta doesn't have too much water movement.

Also are they really ok on their own or do they prefer to be in a community tank? (Not sure how you tell what a fish prefers!).

Do they 'prefer' sand or gravel?

Thanks for any advice.

froglou Wed 05-Oct-16 13:20:08

Mine are in a split tank so have about 12l (this was the recommend minimum for a betta club I used to be part of) which is ok but will be upgrading them to 30l each when I have the space and money. So yes, they'll be happy in a 45l tank!
They are absolutely fine on there own I've previously had bettas and snails and woodshrimp but never other fish for two reasons
1) depending on the nature of your betta he may attack them, they can be very territorial and can literally rip smaller fish apart.
2)bettas have very delicate fins (think of thin tights) and sometimes if your betta isn't attacking your other fish they'll attack him and nip his fins which apart from stressing him out can get infected and turn into fin rot or potentially body rot.

Unless you're looking to get a big tank where you can have another small shoal of fish or where there's lots and lots of space for your betta I'd keep him on his own and only mix him with snails and shrimp.

I initially put filter sponge over the outlet of my filter to calm the flow but have changed the nozzle on my filter to a spray bar to make the water flow less strong.

Look at Betta clubs (look on Facebook) when looking for your bettas as well as pet stores, they tend to be more expensive but you have more choice. But remember the bigger their tails the more problems they could have (Rosetails are a nightmare!) don't go any bigger than a halfmoon!

froglou Wed 05-Oct-16 13:22:08


baddyface Wed 05-Oct-16 20:57:13

Thanks for your reply Froglou. Your fish are lovely!
Great to hear they are happy alone. I'm definately not after any other fish, there will just be room for a smaller tank eventually. So I will look for 30-45l.
Do you have yours with gravel? I like sand but have heard it's much harder to clean.
Thanks for the recommendation for where to get one. The only place near me is a Pets&Home and they can be very hit and miss I've found. (And useless for advice!).

froglou Wed 05-Oct-16 21:25:36

Depends who you speak to there but my creamy betta is pah the blue one is from a online group called LJB Aquatics which was delivered to me check them out there's also a group called chens bettas which are also good.
I have gravel for that reason, get a small gravel cleaner from pah and I just use it every week or two when I do my water changes.

SistersOfPercy Fri 14-Oct-16 23:26:28

Mine was in a 20 litre, but he's a very spoiled little betta so I bought him a 30l biorb.
He absolutely loves it. I had a slight concern that the air flow might be too much as they prefer calm water, but he actually plays in the bubbles. There is still room at the top for his floating betta log too.

He now lives happily with a couple of black neon tetras. Dh thinks I'm slightly nuts as I talk to him a fair bit and he does come when called. Amazingly intelligent little fish.

The double split pic is dd's Castiel. He's a marble betta and changes colour on s regular basis. He started white and changed to the red in the picture. He's now turning to Blue.

Frog your boys are lovely

Other pic is my boy Seuss (red fish blue fish blush)

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