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Fair prize fish

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SnipSnapCrashCrack Mon 19-Sep-16 10:05:53

Ended up going to a steam rally yesterday and I have never felt so sad watching the amount of children carrying there new pet prize around in little open top sandwich bags while waving them around, going on rides, running with their "new fishy". The closed top bags that you get in pet shops are bad enough when they're given to children but the open top sandwich bags were obviously going to end horribly. The amount of children swinging them will the "look fishy flies' comment, the people binning fish, tipping them away. I wanted to tell each person how much care their new fish will need, the true tank size needed, not nthe tiny little Tupperware boxes they were selling for £5.00 as a tank (although they were 100x better than the tiny bags, atleast the fish couldn't go flying). I then wondered how the fish were going to get home down the hugely bumpy country roads leading to to the rally. No fish would manage to stay in its bag with an adult holding let alone a child.
I've tweeted them but nothing will come of it. This is the second fair/rally I've been to in less than 2 months and both had goldfish as prizes although the first one I went to gave the parents a choice. The one I visited yesterday had them as the runner up prize that you were past as you lose sad

I know nothing will change but I can't rant to anyone I know as its "tradition, a cruel tradition but still a tradition"
I'm starting to hate going anywhere that's supposedly fun. The zoo I visited where a barely 2 year old was running around in just a nappy and tshirt and chasing the ducks and trying to jump on them while his mum and older siblings encouraged him. I hate people. angry

Alfieisnoisy Mon 19-Sep-16 10:10:53

Sadly this is still legal and so so wrong. I don't see it very often now but I know an attraction in Southend Pier does this too.

I did look up the legality of it when I found that out and discovered that shockingly it was still legal.

All life should be protected from frivolous and uncaring prize giving. Goldfish need proper tanks, filters, regular cleaning etc and they are nice pets to have. Not for nothing are they known as the Labradors of the fish world...they can be trained to do simple tricks. All this five second memory stuff is crap.

Alfieisnoisy Mon 19-Sep-16 10:12:16

I sometimes hate people uncaring sometimes.

SnipSnapCrashCrack Mon 19-Sep-16 10:29:53

This was the 'tank' that people were being sold as a real fish tank. The next size up was £9.99 and not much better. The law needs to be changed, Peter pans playground in Southend (no idea what it's called now) used to have fish but again you could chose if you wanted one sadOther people looked just as horrified at the children swinging fish around. The ride operators should have stopped people getting on rides with fish in their hands. I found a fish in a fortunately closed bag next to the portaloos, hoping that one wasn't just abandoned. Apparently if it was council land I could have emailed and told them what was happening and they may have banned animals as prizes for next year if I was amazingly lucky but I think it's private land. It's where latitude is each year. No idea whether to tell MIL that her dog ate a dead goldfish either (she's a veggie), I don't think I've ever felt so sick sad I'd hoped they'd stopped doing it by now. Children are just as happy with a lolly or sweet as a prize, they don't need a goldfish.

jwww Tue 20-Sep-16 20:58:05

I work in a pet store and the amount of people that want to put them in a bowl that we have to say no to, or they win them at fairs and come to us looking to get a "friend".
They get to 1ft, need 50l each and live for 30+ years! I've been screamed at and threatened for refusing to sell the fish into tiny or over stocked tanks! They're pond fish and in my opinion should only be sold as such!

Motherfuckers Tue 20-Sep-16 21:04:16

I totally agree with you about the fish, and the toddler chasing ducks. But what is wrong with "just a nappy and shirt"? Why is that relevant?

Alfieisnoisy Tue 20-Sep-16 22:18:57

Article here with equal rage.

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