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Really stupid question about adding water to tank

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OscarDeLaYenta Tue 23-Aug-16 22:10:57

I think I am getting the hang of this. One I have sorted out the unwashed gravel fiasco, I am going to do my fishless cycle. Have been reading up and have ordered my test kits, etc.

Now comes the stupid question. When I do a water change, how do I get the new water into the tank? Do I have to condition it before it goes into the tank? In which case am I traipsing backwards and forwards with saucepans filled with conditioned water? Or can I top up with a hose attached to the tap, and then then add the conditioner to the tank? But then, how do you know how much conditioner to add? And if you are doing a water change with fish in the tank, how do you avoid shocking the fish (tropical tank), because presumably the water you add will be colder than the water in the tank?

Nowhere seems to discuss this when they say 'do a x% water change'....

So it probably is a really stupid, entry level question.... blush

NotCitrus Tue 23-Aug-16 22:26:12

Either, assuming a 10% or so change. I would run a tap to the right temp and then add conditioner to each 10L bucket, but I didn't have a long enough hose.

OscarDeLaYenta Tue 23-Aug-16 22:47:40

Thank you smile.

What about for the 50% type changes? We have a 210 litre tank built into the kitchen.

Another stupid question:

When you are doing a water change for a populated tank, do you syphon off via the filter? Is there any danger that the inhabitants will get syphoned off too?

I really do apologise if these are stupid questions. But it's really not obvious to me.... blush.

NotCitrus Wed 24-Aug-16 09:50:38

A 50% change would be a huge shock to the fish! I've never done more than 20%.

Put your finger over the bottom of the syphon if a fish comes near. I did once get a platy in my bucket - put it back again.

LauraCRyan Wed 07-Sep-16 09:41:19

When setting the tank up you can mix the conditioner and water in the tank that's not an issue, once the tank has fish in it its best to pre mix it if possible. Only ever do 20% water changes unless otherwise advised due to a problem in the tank (if there's fin rot or a problem in the tank I usually take out a little more). You can't add too much conditioner it's harmless but it depends on the size of the tank most of them come with a measuring cap.

OscarDeLaYenta Wed 07-Sep-16 09:47:01

Things are going well, I think.... 10 days into my fishless cycle and my ammonia has started dropping after few days and my nitrite levels have started to rise! I'm finding this such fun, and I haven;t even got the fish yet grin.

NotYoda Sat 22-Oct-16 18:11:19

I really enjoyed the fish less cycling. I kept my friends and family updated. Saddo grin

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