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Fin rot or torn tail

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fisharefriendsnotfood32 Tue 12-Jul-16 14:30:24

I'm looking for advice.

I have a cycled 182L tank and rescued 2 fancy goldfish from a friend. They were in a tiny tank then got put into a pond.

Fish have been in a week and a half now, no issues. There was a bullying issue when previous owners had them but no signs since having them here.

Water quality is fine.
I have been doing a 20L water change mid week and a 50% water change at the weekend as I like the tank looking nice.

Smaller of the 2 fish got injured before it came to me when it got stuck in a ornament and lost a few scales on one side and the tail looked to be scratched.

I have just got in and was preparing to do a water change and clean the glass and I've noticed its tail is torn and it appears to be missing scales on the same side as the split tail.
The other side of its tail appears to have a blood streak in it.

(The pic of the side of the non torn tail is the previous damage to the scales)

I'm gutted, I've gone to so much trying to get them a perfect home with a large tank and good quality water and now this happens.

Can someone please advise if this is a bullying issue or is fin rot?

Buggers Mon 25-Jul-16 23:12:23

His just ripped his tail a bit, bigger water changes for a couple of weeks and he'll be finesmile. The scales are no worry either, my black moor regularly has a couple missing but they tend to heal up after a week. Lovely to see someone looking after their goldfish for once btw!grin

fisharefriendsnotfood32 Tue 26-Jul-16 10:54:49

Thanks for your message buggers.

I posted this a little while ago and am pleased to say it's made a full recovery. The tail has completely healed and the scales have healed too. The scales are only noticable at night when I change the tank lighting.

I did some nice big water changes and that seemed to have helped.

I bought a battery operated gravel cleaner so on my midweek maintenance I can use that. Not that the gravel is very dirty after a week but these fish have had such a rotten start they deserve a nice clean home.

Buggers Tue 26-Jul-16 11:42:00

So glad his made full recovery.
Yeah gravel is a nightmare, I got rid of mine and replaced it with sand, much easier as everything just sits on top of the sand which then gets picked up by the filter.

fisharefriendsnotfood32 Tue 26-Jul-16 12:07:00

I was thinking yesterday I wonder if sand would be easier.

Does it not end up in your water change bucket? My DD has a tropical tank with quite fine gravel and it's always getting sucked up.

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