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Why do my shrimp keep dying?

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piraterach Mon 02-May-16 11:22:40

First time fish keeper here. I've had my new tank set up for about a week. I've tested the water and it has no chlorine or nitrates.

My tank is fairly heavily planted and only has 4 catfish in so far. I've tried putting cherry shrimp in but they die within a few hours.

Any ideas? (Temp is 23 and ph is spot on)

TreeSparrow Mon 02-May-16 23:45:10

What exactly are you testing for? If your tank has only been set up a week it won't be cycled. Your fish will be slowly being poisoned with ammonia.

Please google fish tank cycling.

Misnomer Mon 02-May-16 23:49:42

Tree sparrow is right. You're tank isn't cycled so the Ammonia in the fish waste will be contributing to the deaths of the shrinp - and will be poisoning the fish too, but they will take a bit longer to die.

However, it could also be your plants killing the shrimp, given that they are dying so quickly. Did you use bunched plants? ie not in pots when you bought them. They aren't shrimp safe because of the pesticides used and will kill shrimp pretty quickly.

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