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Black moor resting at bottom of tank

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Stokes Fri 01-Jan-16 16:35:38

My sister has had 2 black moor fish for a couple of years, she's moving abroad and so we took them on Wednesday. She had a 40L tank, we have them in a new 135L. First time we've had fish.

The smaller of the two (although they're close in size) seems to be spending a lot of time resting at the bottom of the tank, although he does swim around and certainly perked up when we fed them this morning. Just concerned as the other one isn't doing it at all that we've seen.

We moved the filter output to the waterline this morning in case it was an oxygenation issue and he does seem a little brighter, but he is still returning periodically to his favourite spot under the filter inlet and resting on the gravel. Is it ok or should we be worried?

Because of an issue with my sister's tank, we couldn't wait to do a fishless cycle, so we've had to add her gravel in with our own and use a quick start solution in the hopes that the cycling process isn't too unpleasant. Yesterday (so fish in the tank just under 24 hours) there was 0.25 ppm amonia and 0 ppm nitrite and nitrate. This morning there was still 0.25 ppm amonia and 0 ppm nitrite and 5 ppm nitrate. We haven't done a water change yet as the amonia levels seem ok and if that quick start solution is doing something I don't want to remove it from the water.

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