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how do you use a gravel cleaner?

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stillwearingaredribbon Thu 11-Dec-14 17:42:23

i have a gravel cleaner
It is plastic with a tube and round hand pump half way down the tube
Pumping just pushes air into the tank
I watched youtube and they held the end up until it filled with water then turned it onto the gravel
It doesn't work for me. DH even tried sucking the end
any ideas?

Also any recommendations for a filter. Cold water tank 50L. I was thinking fluval

EauLittleRougeofBethlehem Thu 11-Dec-14 19:09:07

I never used a pump with mine. Just use the syphon tube as normal by sucking the end, and then take it out of your mouth quick before you end up drinking it. Once the water is flowing, push and twist the gravel vac into the gravel so that all the crap gets loosened up and sucked up through the syphon. Hope that makes sense.

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