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So I got duff advice and didn't do a fishless cycle...what now?

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MyFirstName Sat 22-Nov-14 10:42:05

I have a new tank. We were told be 2 fish shops that we could start slowly adding fish one week after set up. So we did. 2 guppies and 1 shrimp. Shrimp since died. One guppy ill. (All on another thread for advice).

Hoping all goes well and I end up with 2 healthy guppies very soon, what I would like to know is how should we progress now?

We have not done the fishless cycle. Fishshops said we should/could this weekend be adding a couple more fish. A couple more next weekend.

With a sick guppy I am not keen on introducing anything this weekend.

But - as we have not gone down the fish-less cycle route - should we be continuing to add fish to aid the cycling of the tank. Or would we be better leaving everything as is for another 4-5 weeks - ie just the 2 guppies, let the tank settle and then start adding a couple more fish. Ie have a nearly-fishless cycle? I have no doubt the fish-shops would encourage us to buy more fish <cynical head>.

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