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Angel fish

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Minionionionion Sun 15-Jun-14 20:28:09

Ok, so we have a new tank, last tank 60l which was stocked with black phantoms, a couple of guppies and neons, the tank sprang a leak just after we had introduced a couple of neons which seemed to bring fin rot and we lost them all sad

But we have bought a new set up today smile we are now in day one of the fish less cycle with 95l fluval accent. But on to my point and question, Dd (2.8) loves angel fish, how easy/tricky are they and what goes well with them?

We used to start the tank with the more hardy fish like neons and then add others as the tank matures over time, is this the right way and would it work for whatever goes with angel fish???

Also, can we have a pleco with angel fish (which I think need to live in pairs but no idea where that came from??)

Minionionionion Sun 15-Jun-14 20:28:51

Last tank was about 2 years ago so we have forgotten lots!

EauRouge Mon 16-Jun-14 21:41:31

They are easy enough to keep in the right set up, but the right set up is tricky to get. They need quite tall tanks as they get very large both lengthways and in height- 96 litres isn't big enough, sadly. They are also quite tricky to house with other fish because they get super aggressive when they're breeding. The neons would definitely end up as snacks.

if your DD loves angels then how about hatchetfish as an alternative?

Yes, you will need to build stock up gradually once the cycle has finished. After about 4-6 weeks you should be ready for your neons. Have you got a quarantine tank set up?

Most plecos get absolutely enormous- are you looking for a bottom feeder? Would shrimps be something you'd consider instead?

Minionionionion Wed 18-Jun-14 20:48:10

Thanks Eau!

Dd will need to look at angel fish in the pet shops smile

The pleco was an idea from dh as he loves catfish but we were under the perception that the plecos we have seen only grow to 15cm?!? We thought one of these with a few medium size tank mates would be ok?

No quarantine tank as yet, last time we didn't use one - that lesson has been learnt and we will have one ready way before the addition of more fish (a good while after the first bunch are in)

Which fish would you recommend in a 96l tank?

EauRouge Thu 19-Jun-14 08:15:56

Yes, there are a couple of species that stay small. A bristlenose (Ancistrus sp) or a clown plec (Panaqolus maccus) will both stay small enough for a 96 litre so you could have either one of those. Just make sure you buy from somewhere that knows what they are doing, I've seen some shops make up common names for fish because they don't know what they are. Always get the scientific name so you know you won't end up with something that'll grow 18 inches long.

There are loads of fish suitable for a 96 litre. I'd check the water first and see if it's particularly hard or soft because that will rule out a few species.

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