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My goldfish got stuck in an ornament......

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Luckily my DS noticed and so we got him out but he has taken some skin off his back. He seems ok but you can see where he has taken the colour off his back and he is swimming at the top of the tank although he seems happy enough. I did a water change yesterday and put some disease away in there to try and stop chances of him getting an infection. I think he has lost some of his tail fin as it looks a bit sad and torn.

Is there anything else I should do. I keep checking his skin to make sure it doesn't look sore but not really sure if I can do anything else. I have removed everything from the tank now that they could get stuck in, just glad DS noticed or I am sure he would have died the poor thing.

EauRouge Mon 09-Jun-14 21:00:31

He should be fine, you've done all the right things. Scales grow back fairly easily although theg might not be the same colour and they might be a bit wonky.

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