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Pregnant shrimps

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Hoppinggreen Sat 24-May-14 08:54:48

Sorry to say I am not keen on fish, they actually freak me out slightly but we have 2 goldfish and when DH took DC to get a bottom feeder last weekend to help with the whole " ecosystem" thing they came back with 2 freshwater shrimp instead. DH is slightly fanatical about the fish and checks the water etc regularly and they are all very well and happy.
I noticed yesterday one of the shrimp has eggs, not only is this making me feel slightly queasy and unable to eat prawns ever again but I'm very worried what will happen when they hatch. Surely all the baby ones will be eaten by the goldfish? Should we take " prawny" out into another tank?
The conditions in the tank are obviously good or they would have been shagging ( do shrimp shag?) we don't have another tank so I suppose I could get one. What so we do if the babies don't get eaten? Looks like a lot of eggs so we will be over run?
Any advice????

EauRouge Mon 26-May-14 09:45:19

What species of shrimp have you got? There are a few commonly available ones so if you're not sure then describe it and I'll have a guess.

I breed shrimps and a few species do breed very easily. Fish will eat them if they get a chance but they will opt for food from you given the choice because it's easier to catch grin

If you end up with lots of shrimp you don't want, you can sell them on Facebook or Ebay like I do. The going rate for bog-standard cherry shrimp is about £1 each.

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