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Help, fin rot.

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Madratlady Thu 22-May-14 21:12:40

We bought some yoyo loaches at the weekend. They all died. We also lost a couple of neon tetra and the loaches we replaced the dead loaches with are looking very ill and one has already died. One of the guppies is also ill. We're pretty novice fishkeepers, we cycled the tank and have been stocking it over the last few months. We haven't had any problems showing up in water tests although we have realised that our tank cleaning regime needs improving.

What can I do to treat the fish? The shops are shut, is there anything I can do to help them until then?

Will all of my other fish catch it?

EauRouge Mon 26-May-14 09:41:02

A massive water change is about all you can do for now if the shops are shit. What are the latest water test results? How big is the tank and how many/what species of fish have you got in there? How long did you cycle it for?

Finrot is contagious, but if the fish are strong and healthy and the water quality is good then they should be able to fight it off.

EauRouge Mon 26-May-14 09:41:31

If the shops are shut grin

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