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Can I out a fighter fish in with baby bn or would they get eaten?

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marne2 Sun 18-May-14 21:41:20

Picked up a couple small tanks today as the dd's want fighter fish, my bn pleco is guarding a huge pile of eggs again and I was hoping to use one of the tanks to put some babies in as I only had a couple survive from the last lot ( which I kept in my main tank ). Can I keep them in with a fighter or would the fighter eat them?

EauRouge Sun 18-May-14 23:07:53

They would probably be OK if you give them plenty of cover, fighters tend to feed from the surface (that's why they have an upturned mouth), but I wouldn't swear to it. Can you put a tank divider in until they're a bit bigger? Or set up a temporary tank? Fish breeding takes up a lot of room, that's why I stopped doing it!

marne2 Mon 19-May-14 12:51:22

I have told dd1 that we will probably wait for the pleco's to grow a bit before adding the fighter , though by then I'm sure there will be more babies but they will have to take their chances in the main tank, would just be nice to raise one batch and dd can sell them for pocket money. It's only a small tank I have got her so they won't be able to stay in their long, it is a betta tank so only really fit for a betta or some shrimp.

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