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Please come and talk to me about a biorb and what fish to choose..

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Runningtrainers Sat 29-Mar-14 08:00:54

I have just been given an early Mother's Day gift....a middle size biorb bowl. We will set it up this morning and keep it as a cold water fish bowl.

Any advice on setting it up?

We will go and buy 1 fish on Monday and maybe another three a couple of weeks after that. This is the advice my husband was given.

What cold water fish are quite tough? I'm already worried that they will die DD has autism and really struggles with death so the tougher the better.

EauRouge Sat 29-Mar-14 14:29:54

Is it the 30 litre one or the 60 litre one? TBH (and I know this is bad news), I don't think the 30 litre one is really suitable for any fish. If you had a heater then you could possible squeeze a betta in but they do like access to a large surface area so it wouldn't be that happy. Is there any chance you could swap the biorb for a Juwel Rio or something else a more traditional shape?

Sorry, I know that wasn't the answer you were looking for sad These things are not designed with fish in mind, unfortunately. The RSPCA did a press statement about fashion tanks a couple of years ago here.

EauRouge Sat 29-Mar-14 14:33:18

BTW if you do decide to keep the biorb then it'll take around 4-6 weeks before it will be ready for fish. Have a look at this, it explains the basics of water quality.

Dinofanatic Sat 29-Mar-14 22:43:09

If you can get a small heater, have a look at cherry shrimp or snails. Believe it it not snails are quite interesting! I believe a single betta would be fine in one of those tanks.

If you are keeping it cold, goldfish are a definite no-no, as they grow quite large. I'm really sorry to say it but there isn't much you can keep in cold water in one of those. They would be fine as babies but will become stunted and sick as they grow inevitably larger sad

Sources: research and experience unfortunately.

Marne Sun 30-Mar-14 18:34:28

Not a great fan of biorbs for the reasons Eau stated, yes they look amazing but they are not great homes for fish, great for shrimp or snails though.

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