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Cross breeding regular guppies with endlers

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Marne Sat 01-Mar-14 15:36:20

I had some lovely endlers which I bought 6 months ago from a local shop, I was gutted when I lost them all a few weeks ago (when most of my fish were wiped out over 2 weeks), 8 weeks ago one of my female guppies gave birth and a few fry survived, this week they have got their colours (only 2 had survived) and they are obviously endler x guppy grin, they are the prettiest fish I have ever seen, they have a orange endler stripe down their sides, one has a blue snake skin tail and the other has a yellow tail. Very pleased with them and I'm wondering how big they with grow (endler size or guppy size)?

EauRouge Sat 01-Mar-14 16:51:34

They might be somewhere in between. For a while it was thought that endlers were just a wild form of guppies but they are a different species. They can interbreed but the offspring are sterile AFAIK.

How are things going with your tank now?

Marne Sat 01-Mar-14 17:25:27

Tank has settled down, no more deaths smile, all my guppy fry seem to be growing fast and look healthy, I lost a couple of the endler x guppies when the other fish died and lost my 4 male endlers sad. Tanks looking a bit empty, just a handful of guppies and my bottom feeders, my bottom feeders seem to be the least effected (only lost my young panda corys), I'm wondering if something got in the tank and was sitting on the top (I am blaming dh who often does cleaning and probably sprayed something near the tank).

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