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Help - I've bought a shit tank haven't I? :(

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LongTailedTit Wed 28-Aug-13 01:03:07

Even after asking on here a while ago and being told "No!", DH and I still got carried away and bought a BiOrb Flow 15L (the rectangular one) last weekend.
I've set it up and am attempting a fishless cycle, no fish in residence yet.

We wanted to keep one male Betta in it for (fish obsessed) DS as I had read a lot elsewhere online that said that Bettas liked small tanks and that 15L should be fine. Plus they're absolutely gorgeous.
I even thought we were doing well having got a nice tank and heater, live plants etc, as my sis (overseas) has a Betta in a 1gallon tank with no heater.

Anyway, the filter is really bloody noisy so I was reading up on that on the Practical Fishkeeper forum, and came across loads of posts saying that 15L is still too small for a single Betta. sad
Also, and this really bugs me, the water flow in the tank is really fast - the pump sends up a huge amount of bubbles up the pipe and I can see from small bits of plant debris that the water moves in a strong circular current. Having read others experiences, it seems Bettas prefer a gentle current and will hide or restrict themselves to a tiny corner of the tank to keep out of the strong current. Strong current = unhappy fishy.

So - I'm seriously considering calling the shop tomorrow and asking for a refund as its not fit for purpose.
We told them how we planned to use it, the guy spent ages 'helping' us part with our money but it seems we made a bad buy.

Do you think I'm right to ask for a refund, or should I keep it and give it a go with a Betta once it's cycled?
Basically, if we can't use a small tank like this, we can't have a fish - we simply don't have room for a larger tank. It was hard enough finding a suitable space for this one.

DS is only 2 so won't be heartbroken if we have to return the tank, but we'll all be a bit gutted, he was so excited and says good morning to the empty tank already! sad

caroldecker Wed 28-Aug-13 01:40:21

return these are no good for fish - practical fishkeepers know what they are talking about

LongTailedTit Wed 28-Aug-13 01:58:01

Thanks for replying, I'm a bit nervous about what to say to them - I won't be able to return the tank til the weekend, and obv it's currently set up and full of media, pebbles, and plants. Not sure what to do.

Just a bit gutted that we won't be able to have a fish after all, I was really looking forward to it.
Haven't told DH yet either, he's working long hours and will be a bit peeved to have to trek back to the shop on his only day off!

Honestly, how crap are they to let us spend £120 on a tank, heater, and plants?!
I wonder what our chances of a full refund are... <hopeful/doubtful>

EauRouge Wed 28-Aug-13 08:18:44

Yes you have- sorry sad 15 litres is too small for any fish really. There should be a law against selling tanks this small angry.

There was a similar thread the other day, I posted loads of links that might help you. Have a look.

LongTailedTit Wed 28-Aug-13 09:46:12

Thank you Eau! I wish they weren't allowed to sell them, all it does is cause confusion and unhappy fish.

I just called the shop, they said its no problem to return it, just need to drain it and repackage it and they'll be happy to refund us.

The chap I spoke to was v nice about the refund, but did keep saying that 15L was fine for a single Betta. confused

Damn it, no fishy for us then. sad

EauRouge Wed 28-Aug-13 10:00:21

Do you not have space for anything bigger? 45 litres would be OK for a single betta.

At least they are giving you a refund, that's one less thing to worry about. Funny that they are insisting it's big enough, I wouldn't trust any advice from them if they think 15 litres is OK for anything other than a bunch of flowers.

LongTailedTit Wed 28-Aug-13 10:02:23

Sorry to bang on Eau - but do you think the 30L Flow tank would be ok for one Betta? Trying to think if we could fit on of those in...
Oh feck it, I should just give it all up as a bad idea!

Thank you both for your advice!


LongTailedTit Wed 28-Aug-13 10:03:37

Sorry x post!

I need to look at a 45L tank in the flesh I think, but I don't think we do have room - they tend to have a bigger footprint, and we don't have room for a stand.

GetStuffezd Wed 28-Aug-13 10:05:17

OP, bigger tanks can get really expensive really quickly but you can find some fab deals on gumtree or ebay. I'm holding out for a 200 litre at the mo but sadly nothing doing. Many around the 100 litre mark though which would be a nice size for a first tank.

RippingYarns Wed 28-Aug-13 10:08:08

I've got a 30L tank and struggled to get the water right so have ditched the fish idea, drained it and having stick insects instead

I used to think 'it's only fish', but not any more

Must be awful to swim around in something that stings your skin and gills

EauRouge Wed 28-Aug-13 10:12:56

I have a 45 litre tank (full of caterpillars at the moment, don't ask) and it's 50x30x30cm.

Ripping, what stick insects are you getting? We've got some macleay's, the latest batch of eggs have just started hatching!

LongTailedTit Wed 28-Aug-13 10:15:51

Ripping - I'm now feeling v sorry for my sisters Betta in that tiny tank! She won't get why we're returning ours, pretty certain she wouldn't want to know about cycling etc.
Part of me just wants to ignore you all and 'have a pretty fish in a pretty tank' but it's not going to happen now, I've rung DH and told him we're returning it to make sure I don't change my mind.

RippingYarns Wed 28-Aug-13 10:17:22

I'm not sure what they are tbh, but they will be eggs
From a friend of a friend.

DD wants leafy ones, but am not sure we'll be that lucky.

Eau, how many do you have, and how do you stop becoming inundated?

LongTailedTit Wed 28-Aug-13 10:18:32

Thank yo for the tank dimensions Eau! No, def not enough room here, but I'm planning a big house purge before DC2 arrives so maybe I'll make room! That'd be fab. smile

EauRouge Wed 28-Aug-13 10:32:14

Aw, that's too bad LongTailedTit. Hope you have the room after your purge! I've been purging like crazy and managed to fit in a couple more tanks grin The children are starting to look nervous every time I log into eBay...

Ripping I've got 3 adults left at the moment, they only live about 18 months. I don't get too inundated, I sell the spare eggs on eBay or you can freeze them to sterilise them. It depends what species you get, if you get Indian stick insects then they'll breed like crazy and it's hard to sell the eggs because they are so common.

RippingYarns Wed 28-Aug-13 10:40:58

Cool, thanks for that

I'll stop the hijack now ;)

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