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Where to set up?

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yetanotherworry Sun 23-Jun-13 10:08:21

I'm thinking of starting to set up a fish tank but haven't had any for about 10 years. I have found a nice corner that will suit but we have a wooden floor - would you site a fish tank on a wooden floor. Will I need to protect the floor from splashes.

If I choose this corner what is the nicest thing to put the tank on. I'm thinking of going for something medium-sized but haven't looked at any yet. I don't have any spare pieces of furniture so will have to buy something. The room is quite modern looking (wooden floor, oak dining table, oak bookcase and digital piano) so would prefer something to suit. I've previously had a tank on an old ikea TV cabinet as it was the only thing that would support the weight without bending and then upgraded to a cabinet from PetsatHome (cheap and nasty looking) but would prefer something that looked nicer.

All help appreciated.

sherbetpips Sun 23-Jun-13 16:53:28

The more modern tanks and cabinets look great. If you want something small the bio-orb stands and tanks look modern. Otherwise your local aquatics centre will have a great range. The big garden centre ones are usually best. Its a good idea to put the stand on something because you will inevitably get water and moisture making its way to the floor. A polystyrene towel is what most of the pet shops use.

EauRouge Sun 23-Jun-13 17:27:54

I'd avoid the modern biorb and flyval edge type tanks- they look great but they're too small and impractical to keep fish in really.

Try having a look at the juwel range, they aren't too expensive but the cabinets look OK.

What size tank werevyou thinking of?

yetanotherworry Sun 23-Jun-13 19:56:47

I hadn't thought of going to the garden centres but they usually have really nice displays. We have a lovely one fairly close so will pop along 1 day this week and see what they have.

I don't think I want anything to big. I have about 1 metre of space - any wider and it will be in direct sun. I could probably fit in a triangular shaped tank, just looked and Juwel do one. I'm feeling excited now.

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