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can i ask how many tanks you all have??

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i have 2 - one is 60 litres with some rosie barbs and I also have a 190 litres which has my goldfish in.

I won't go bigger than 190 litres though, water changing (even though I have it down to a fine art now) takes long enough as it is.

EauRouge Mon 10-Jun-13 03:51:15

2 set up and one waiting. one is a little 60 litre fully planted with 8 cherry barbs (dd1's choice). The others are a 60 litre and a 45 litre, they're going to be shrimp breeding tanks. The 60 litre one is cycling <impatient smiley>.

I used to breed fish but then switched to humans instead grin. now that my human breeding project is complete I thought I'd ease myself back in to aquatic species.

nice to have another fish geek around! smile

metimeatlast Mon 10-Jun-13 00:12:27

basically thats it , how many, what size etc. at what point did you say enough was enough? what makes you go out and get another tank?

for me its a case of "well thats complete now" sits and drums fingers, must really get a bigger/better/ want more fish, but it is oh sooooooo relaxing and fun to watch the madhead fish grin and "george" the weather loach

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