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want a new tank set-up, please help with my choice

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EauRouge Wed 12-Jun-13 07:31:24

Never had discus, no, although they're on my to do list for when the DDs have grown up. The reason I've not had them yet is because my tap water is hard and they need very soft acidic water, which means using RO.

Also you might want to take a look at tank sizes because they get enormous. Their spawning and fry care is fascinating, if you've got the space and the money then go for it!

metimeatlast Tue 11-Jun-13 23:07:56

hi eau i am leaning towards the two tank idea, although i have been oggling again on my breaks in work, as there is 3 garden centres all with petshops in withinn a 5 min drive from work grin.
ok, so heres what i discovered... they no longer make the old metal stands that they used to, so a 5ft one of those is out, (was going to box it in, not confident to build my own stand lol). sooo, it may be 2x30 inch stands (if they have 2 left in the pet shop?)
However, i saw some beautiful tanks that are 240 litres, 215 litres and 200 litres grin so it could go in any direction over the next 5 weeks (as i plan on my new addition next payday 4weeks on friday). during that time i need to decide Exactly 100 percent which wall it is going on and get it painted, cos' once its in, im not redecorating for at least 12 months. my tank is currently in the kitchen but gets far too much sun in there, so will be returning to the living room or waiting in there for another 8 weeks depending on which tank i choose...decissions, decissions lol. did you ever have discus fish eau? i know they arnt coldwater, but they are my absolute favourite tropical, so if i go with the 2 tank option, then was considering having some of those..

EauRouge Mon 10-Jun-13 03:45:04

I like the two tank idea. it gives you more options for fish, you could keep things that weren't compatible in separate tanks. also might make maintenance easier as you could spread it over two days. plus if anything went wrong it would only be one of the tanks and you'd have a back up. So many pros!

metimeatlast Sun 09-Jun-13 23:26:10

hi fishnetters, i too have only just discovered fishnet exists lol.

ok so heres my dilema.... have currently got a 30x15x12 and am looking to get an upgrade, heres what i was thinking...
1) get a 4ft x 15x12 inches approx 145-149 litres
pros: bigger than mine, but only by about 55 litres ish.
cons: will more than likely want to re-upgrade as it will mean i can only have about 3-4 more fish max. (coldwater fish, i havent got any fancies)
2) get an identical size tank to mine, a stand that will hold them both, a light that will fit the whole length and stand them flush next to eachother along one wall.
pros: a whole new tank to set up grin, double what i already have in size, creating a 5ft wall display
cons: the join down the front, was thinking along the lines of using a stone effect (like the background paper) neatly trimmed and effectivley placed to create like a cave effect when you look at it, its main view will be front facing.

What are your thoughts please? im leaning towards the 5ft/ 2tank idea, as if i can manage to do it right then it would possibly look cool grin
Any advice would be gratefully received

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