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Eau.......just want to check something please

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lucysmam Wed 01-May-13 12:11:56

i w/c the big tank this morning & cleaned the's gone kaput! tbh i knew it was going to go at some point.

i've swapped mature media from the big filter into the spare but that's only big enough for 150l capacity really.

so........reduce water level to 150l or w/c more often than weekly until i get a new impellor?

tyvm smile

EauRouge Wed 01-May-13 14:21:15

Oh bugger! I wouldn't reduce the water level, just keep the filter running and replace it with a bigger one as soon as you can. Keep an eye on the levels and do more changes if you need to. How long was the filter off for, do you know?

lucysmam Wed 01-May-13 14:40:37

yep, bugger was one of the words i made use of grin

it was only off for just over an hour while i did their weekly wc. just very frustrating.

dp has been fiddling, he can get it going out of the water but as soon as it goes in it dies again confused

it'll be mid next week before i can replace it so will keep a close eye until then. just wasn't sure whether to reduce water level while the smaller filter's in

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