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When to start feeding the fish in the outdoor pond again

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AnnoyingOrange Sun 07-Apr-13 19:28:48

So the goldfish haven't been fed since October. It's been so cold

They seem to have perked up in the last couple of days, but we had ice on the pond last week

I'm wondering when to start feed ing them again. The temperature is forecast to be in double figures for the rest of April

Earlybird Sun 07-Apr-13 19:43:24

I've always been told to do it when the water temperature is consistently at or above 13 degrees.

AnnoyingOrange Sun 07-Apr-13 19:54:53

That should be a while yet then.

Poor fish. It's been a long winter

EauRouge Sun 07-Apr-13 19:59:27

I've always been told 10 degrees. How active are they now? They will be able to find little bits and bobs in the pond to feed themselves. You could always start out with a low protein food if you're worried. Maybe leave it a couple more days and just observe them. This might help you decide.

AnnoyingOrange Sun 07-Apr-13 20:05:51

Sounds like I need some wheat germ sticks. smile

Thank you

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