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Bought some freshwater shrimps today.......

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pugsandseals Sat 09-Mar-13 20:47:33

Remember I tried cherry shrimps a while ago & they all disappeared???
Thought I'd buy some 'live food' freshwater shrimps today to see what happened (much cheaper than cherry shrimp for my experiment.
I can physically see the guppies & platys eating them alive!!!! shock
I thought they would be far too big to be bothered by them! Solves the mystery of the missing cherry shrimps but OMG!

BeckyBrandon Sat 09-Mar-13 23:41:42

What type of shrimps are they and how big?

We have a wood shrimp and he is about an inch and a half long, he's been in their for ages and been ok, we also have a amano shrimp, he's about an inch long, we see him once every few months, when he appears he's always a diff colour grin

But we do buy brine shrimps for or fish to eat, they're tiddly, unfortunately they love them. Maybe we shouldn't put them in actually, must be like a horror seen for our 2 big shrimps!

EauRouge Sun 10-Mar-13 10:12:42

My cherry shrimp are too speedy to get eaten by my fish, maybe platys are better hunters though. I'm overrun with blinking cherry shrimp at the moment, I was waiting for the weather to get better so I could ebay some but I might have to just list them locally. Can hardly see the fish for shrimp at the moment!

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