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My two goldfish...

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ripsishere Wed 20-Feb-13 03:57:28

DD won one at school angry. I was pretty cross about it and assumed it would die within a couple of days so went to IKea and got a salad bowl since I don't like our local pet shop.
Baz lived on, he's been with us since before Christmas but shits like billyo. I've never seen such a small (10cm or so) animal produce so much shit.
Anyway, the point is, last Friday, DD came home from school with another one, a survivor of the same prize as well as a pleko from a girl in her class whose mum wanted rid.
I did got an buy a medium sized plastic tank and a bridge for the pluck to hide under. On Saturday morning, it became apparent that the boys were bullying the pleco so we took her downstairs to the fountain where other fish - Koi and two giant pleco's live. We've visited her and she seems happy when we can spot her.
Now to my question. I don't know how happy the two goldfish are. Would it be kinder to put them into the fountain or should I leave them in our 'tank'. DD would be heartbroken to lose her pets, but I am not sure what sort of a life they have. I am not willing or able to afford a bigger tank.

ripsishere Wed 20-Feb-13 03:58:10

I should add, I am in Malaysia so keeping them warm isn't an issue.

EauRouge Wed 20-Feb-13 07:58:08

Yes, I would put them in the fountain if there are other fish happily living there. goldfish need enormous tanks (like 200 litres enormous) with big filters to live healthily. they will get ill quite quickly in a small tank.

ripsishere Thu 21-Feb-13 00:17:25

Right, operation move the fish starts today. I did mention to DD that silver fin looked a bit peaky this morning.
She was distraught when Paula was relocated. Do you think they'll be OK with the gigantic koi carp? I imagine they will, when we visited Paula there were a load of teeny tiny fish, presumably babies from the koi.

EauRouge Thu 21-Feb-13 07:41:27

If they are big enough to not get eaten then they'll be OK. Are there any plants in there they can hide in?

EauRouge Thu 21-Feb-13 07:42:20

I love the name Paula for a fish grin Hope your DD isn't too upset. How big is the tank? Is there a shop near you that sells smaller fish?

ripsishere Fri 22-Feb-13 04:19:08

Paula the pleck.
There is a shop that sells guppies, tetras etc. I am not sure I want any more fish TBH. The 'tank' is essentially a rectangular plastic effort. I estimate it holds between 30 and 40 litres of water.
One down, one to go.

EauRouge Fri 22-Feb-13 08:00:23

Oh, it's a bit too small for fish anyway then. I wouldn't go for anything less than 45 litres, 60 if you want shoaling fish. Definitely too small for goldfish!

ripsishere Fri 22-Feb-13 23:19:05

Maybe it can be used to store DDs increasing number of bloody lip glosses?
Vair pissed off at the teacher who agreed to it, in his defense he thought they were pictures of goldfish rather than the actual fish.
What about three neons or guppies? still too small?

EauRouge Sat 23-Feb-13 09:34:20

If it's close to 45 litres then you could get away with a single male betta splendens (AKA siamese fighting fish) but it's a bit on the small side for shoaling fish. Shoaling fish need to be kept in groups of 6+ so that aggression is spread evenly. If you only got 3 then they wouldn't feel secure, one could end up getting bullied and then they are more susceptible to illnesses.

It's not just a space issue, it's very hard to keep the water quality up to scratch in a small tank. Bigger tanks are actually much easier to look after. My 60 litre takes about 20 mins to clean out once a week and that's about it. You'd have to do way more water changes on a smaller tank or a heavily stocked tank.

Not surprised you were peed off about the goldfish, they can live 20 years so not exactly a short-term commitment!

ripsishere Sun 24-Feb-13 21:54:56

Not keen on fighting fish I'm afraid, too fancy pants for me. Both boys are swimming freely with the big lads now. Empty tank in the outside kitchen.
She is still desperate for a fish. She has an Oscar in mind...

EauRouge Mon 25-Feb-13 07:03:24

An oscar? Lovely fish but they grow to a foot long and are right grumpy buggers grin Have you got space for a 6 foot tank?

ripsishere Mon 25-Feb-13 07:11:42

Bugger. We've got the space (and had one in Bangkok). I fear fish keeping isn't for her.

ripsishere Mon 25-Feb-13 07:12:40

The reasoning behind the Oscar is someone in her class told her they could be trained like dogs hmm and they come to the top of the water to greet you.
She is gullible.

EauRouge Mon 25-Feb-13 07:45:18

Oh yes, they can be trained. So can goldfish. Food is a powerful motivator grin many fish can be trained to eat from your hand. Oscars are predators with big teeth though so not sure I'd want a child sticking their hands in- they probably wouldn't bite on purpose but maybe accidentally. I used to get nibbled enough by my congo tetras that way and they are only about 5 inches long.

Fishkeeping isn't a great hobby for young children unless they are particularly sciency. There's a lot of waiting involved- 6 weeks to set up a tank- and water testing with chemicals so they need to be supervised all the time. And fish don't give that much back, you can't teach them much more than feeding from your hand, and if they learn that then cleaning them out is a bugger because they will stay close to your hand when you want them to stay out of the way.

ripsishere Mon 25-Feb-13 21:50:27

Fish are so last week now. In Thailand, we had a gigantic tank, it was at least two metros long with a sensationally good filter, lights, rocks all the bells and whistles. It cost us around 50 pounds all in.
Just before Christmas I was considering a pygmy hedgehog. We decided against it due to going away and DDs level of involvement in animals.
We are going pet free for a while but thanks for the info.

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